We’ve rethought the entire process of how we design, build and buy homes. No delays. No headaches. No sticker shock. From design to manufacture to installation, we do it all.


Typically the budget for wardrobes and kitchen is about 10% to 15% of the cost of construction of a home. So for example, if your home is 1,000 sq.ft. considering an average cost of 3000 per sq.ft. to build, then your budget should be approx 3 Lakhs (INR 300,000).


Keep in mind to factor in:
-Woodwork- kitchen, wardrobes, TV unit, shoe rack, etc.
-Electrical – lights, fans, geysers, additional wiring, and plugs.
-Soft furnishing – curtains, curtain rods, and any accent cushions for your existing furniture -Repainting- this is a must as the walls get dirty during the course of woodwork etc.


After the initial client meeting where goals and objectives are agreed up and discussed, the first step in the interior design process is concept development – through innovative ideas and visionary dispositions brilliant and beautiful interior design is born.
You Can Go Through Recently completed projects. It is important to understand the inspiration, theory, and design intent that goes into producing such seamless final products


A well-drafted interior design contract will serve as an agreement between you and us and will include a detailed list of the scope of work, pricing, payment terms, and more. Signing a formal interior design contract is important for your business. It will help protect you should there be a misunderstanding or disagreement along the way.


3D - Designs -Interior designing and its 3D presentation give you a complete idea about how your home will look like in the future. It doesn’t matter whether your taste is contemporary or modern or both, we innovatively design the interior of every corner of your house with the best space planning, and comfort.


Having a well thought out and structured plan on cash-flow management is almost as vital as PROJECT. we provide in detail workflow/process and progress from time to time, and wherein we responsibly carry out the work to deliver in time.


Ensuring that the project is built in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents, approved plans, specifications, and ordinances.


Every project needs to end and that's what project completion is all about in the last phase of the project life cycle. disseminating information to formalize acceptance of the product, service, or project; and performing project closure as per customer satisfaction.